Why Is My Debit Card Declined When I Have Money

Why Is My Debit Card Declined When I Have Money – Know why

Do you have issues with your debit card? Don’t Panic. Even when you know that money is in your bank account, having your debit card declined for a transaction is stressful.

Debit cards are forms of payment that draw funds from your bank account. It is a plastic card connected to a bank account

There are over 17 billion cards in circulation worldwide, indicating their widespread use. An entire generation of people who use debit cards has never experienced what it’s like to make purchases primarily using cash and cheques.

Consumers may spend money with debit cards just as easily as with a credit card. Debit cards are now accessible on phones and other mobile devices thanks to recent developments in digitalization. You can use a debit card like an ATM card whenever you require physical money.

Positively, there is an easy fix for the issue that led to a debit card transaction being declined. The most frequent causes of debit card declines and solutions for resolving debit card issues are listed below.

Reasons for the Decline of Your Debit Card

You’ve spent all of your daily credit

Your debit card may not be accepted if you’ve completed a number of significant transactions in the recent 24 hours due to having spent more than the allowed amount per day. 

Major banks establish daily transaction caps for debit cards to safeguard your funds. Your bank determines your debit card’s daily spending cap.

Typing Error

When checking out when you purchase online, you often have to input your debit card number, expiration date, CVV number, shipping address, and billing address. 

To avoid having your transaction refused due to inaccurate information, it is essential to double-check all the relevant data before clicking the buy option. 

However, if you swipe your card, you must accurately enter your 4-digit PIN. A failed transaction will result from failing to perform this. Remember that you are only given a certain number of chances. 

Your access to your account will be blocked if you repeatedly enter the incorrect PIN.

Suspicious payment

Your bank may have temporarily stopped your card due to a transaction it perceived as endangering. It might be challenging to predict when this will take effect. 

Calling your bank and explaining that you are the cardholder and are okay with the transaction going through will generally have this sorted quickly. 

To ensure that your account remains banned, contact your bank immediately if you receive a warning about unusual activities when you are not actively using your card.

The card is no longer valid

Debit cards have an expiration date. Your request for a transaction won’t be honored if you use an expired card at the register or an ATM. To prevent problems, it is thus essential to take note of the card’s expiration date and obtain a change ahead of time.

If you haven’t received a replacement card from your bank a month or so before your existing card expires, it’s critical to phone your bank to request a new card.

Various technical issues

Your debit card may be denied for various reasons, including technical ones. There might be a problem with a card reader in a business, a line break someplace, or a problem with your bank.

If such issues aren’t usually handled immediately, it could be best to just switch to cash or another card if you need to complete the transaction promptly.

Blocked as a result of a foreign purchase

Until you grant specific permission, numerous banks won’t let you use your bank card to make an overseas transaction. This is done to combat the rising trend of fraud committed by individuals abroad.

Therefore, preserving your money is for the betterment, even though it may appear unpleasant. Therefore, if you receive that notification from your bank, call them to resolve the issue.


Why does my debit card keep declining even when I have money?

The checking or money market account from which you are withdrawing money may have money in it, but it may have an insufficient balance. You could be prohibited by some banking institutions from withdrawing money from your account, which would restrict you from using your debit card to make a transaction.

How can a refused debit card be fixed?

Calling your bank directly is the optimal choice if you have queries about why your debit card was denied. A customer support agent may assist you in resetting your PIN, unfreezing your account, verifying a transaction, raising your withdrawal limits, and other tasks.

Why is my card now being declined?

It’s simple to input a credit card number, expiration date, or security code erroneously while making a transaction, especially online or using a mobile app. Your billing address could also be incorrect. 

How can I find out whether my debit card has been blocked?

You cannot make online purchases with a blocked card since it will be rejected. Additionally, the ATM card reader won’t read the card, won’t take the PIN, or will once again reject the transaction. By contacting customer support or visiting the bank office, you may find out if the card has been blocked.

The card has not yet been activated

Your debit card isn’t working might simply be that you neglected to activate it if you have not yet activated it. Numerous bank applications nowadays let you activate your card through your phone, so you may frequently do it immediately. Do it right away if you haven’t already activated your card.


Debit card rejections may be upsetting and unpleasant. Even if you can’t always prevent declines, you can usually stop most of them by implementing a few straightforward safety protocols. I hope you found this post to be informative. If you enjoyed reading this, please spread the word to your friends and family.

If you still have any queries regarding this, comment down below. I would be happy to answer that.

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