How to Transfer Money from Skylight Card to Bank Account

How to Transfer Money from Skylight Card to Bank Account?

The Regions Bank or Republic Bank & Trust Company issues the Skylight ONE Card, a Netspend prepaid debit card. If you don’t have a bank account or don’t want to use paper checks, the card is practical.

You can withdraw money from a bank account using the card. You must know how to transfer money from a Skylight ONE Card to a bank account.

However, you cannot transfer money directly from a Skylight Card to a bank account. To make the transfer, there are three simple sideways methods. In the post that follows, we will go through those three methods.

How to Transfer Money from Skylight Card to Bank Account?

Skylight ONE Card is a Netspend prepaid card, the procedure for transferring money from the card to a bank account could differ from that of other cards.

There is no direct method for transferring money from Netspend cards to a bank account. The methods for transferring money from a Skylight ONE Card to a bank account are as follows.

Utilize a Third-Party Service

Logging into your card account and then utilizing a third-party platform, like PayPal or Cash App, is one practical approach. Utilizing a third-party site to transfer money from your Skylight card merely requires a few simple actions.

You may send money to PayPal by connecting your card. The money from PayPal can then be transferred to a bank account. To finish this procedure, you must connect your bank account to PayPal.

Using the steps below, you may add your card to PayPal:

  • Access your account.
  • Access Wallet
  • Tap “Add a card.”
  • choose the kind of card
  • Put in the required information.
  • Press “Save”

The steps listed below must be followed in order to connect your bank account to your PayPal account:

  • Select Wallet.
  • To add a card or bank account, click the link.
  • To add a bank account, click.
  • Your “Account Number” and the “Sort Code” must be entered.
  • After reading the details, click “Agree and add.”

After you start the transaction, transfers from PayPal to a bank account might take 1–5 business days to complete. 

Over the Counter

A bank branch that accepts Visa and Mastercard is another location where money may be transferred. All you have to do to make an over-the-counter withdrawal is go to the bank with your original ID document.

The money will subsequently be deposited into your bank account by the operator. To quickly deposit money into your bank account, it is more practical to go to the bank that manages your account.

ATM withdrawal and bank account deposit

You may use your Skylight ONE Card to make an ATM withdrawal. You may withdraw money from any ATM that takes Visa and Mastercard and deposit it into your bank account.

Additionally, using an ATM to transfer money to a bank account is an option. As soon as your card has been inserted, select the option to transfer funds, and then immediately transfer using the routing and account numbers of the receiving bank account.

One of the simplest methods for transferring money from your Skylight ONE Card to your bank account is through this method.

Can I Transfer Money From a Skylight Card to Cash App?

Through Cash App, you may rapidly transfer money from your card to your associated bank account for a 1.5% transaction charge.

You must initially link your bank account in order to execute a Skylight Paycard Transfer money transaction with Cash App. Your Skylight card number may be added after adding your bank.

Skylight ONE Card: Why Should I Use It?

Numerous alluring benefits come with the Skylight ONE card. Well, first of all, using the card to get paid and enrolling people into the program is simple because there aren’t many steps to do.

It is also more cost-effective than using checks or money orders to get paid because it has fewer costs. Additionally, your payday payments are in your account as early as 8 a.m. (CST).

Additionally, users have access to online deposit alternatives and statements. The ability to examine transactions, make account modifications, and check balances online is perhaps the finest feature of the card.

The provider gets comprehensive assistance and training on how the entire process should function. Additionally, you may withdraw cash with the card at any ATM that recognizes Visa and Mastercard.

The card is useful since you can use it to make purchases at Visa and Mastercard-accepting physical and online retailers. Additionally, there are benefits to using the card to make purchases at specific stores.

Furthermore, you always receive alerts concerning account activity. Above all, the FDIC insures your funds to shield you from loss in the event of an accident.

What Can I Do With Skylight ONE Card?

The card allows for a wide range of transactions. They consist of the following:

Money Transfer to Additional Skylight ONE Cardholder

You can transfer money to other cards when signed into your account online with only a few clicks on your phone.

Goods and Services can be Paid 

With the card, you may make purchases from merchants both online and in-person. As a means for the issuing firm to show its thanks, you might also receive prizes along the procedure.

Does The Skylight One Card Really Pay Off?

Several wonderful benefits come with this debit card. It provides a sophisticated online account, benefits both companies and workers, and ensures that your assets are FDIC-insured.

Let’s examine some of the Skylight One Card’s advantages. The prepaid debit card’s value can then be decided for oneself at that point.

Options for Online Deposits

Customers may use an extensive customer care service and have online access to their accounts. You may get assistance with running it or moving the cash by making just one phone call or email.

Additionally, you may use your Skylight card at any ATM that accepts Visa or Mastercard.

When you need to immediately withdraw money and send it to your bank account, this is really helpful.

Scheme for Skylight Payroll

Paycard Innovators allows Skylight cardholders to enroll in the Payroll service. It enables firms to pay employees immediately and without the need for menial bureaucracy.

Additionally, the organization handles the entire process, freeing companies from administration and distribution concerns. It is practical, speedy, and secure for numerous transactions.

Accepted at Several Physical and Online Stores

People are constantly seeking accounts that might be helpful when making purchases online as the bulk of customers has switched to internet platforms.

Fortunately, you can use your Skylight Card to make physical purchases at your neighborhood markets and online payments at various merchants. You’ll receive a notification for each transaction.

How much can I withdraw from my skylight card?

Your Skylight ONE Card has a cap on the amount of cash you may withdraw. At any ATM or POS terminal, you may withdraw up to $1,000 daily using your card.

Take note that not all ATMs have $1,000.00 daily withdrawal limitations, and some may have reduced limits on the amount of cash that may be withdrawn at once.


Use of the Skylight One Card is absolutely secure. Your virtual account allows you to see the details of all your data, which is securely stored online. It is protected with a private PIN that you get to pick. 

In conclusion, Skylight is quite helpful. Knowing how to transfer funds to connected bank accounts may make it easier to use.

The above three techniques are simple to understand and quick to use. The next time you question how to transfer money from a Skylight card to a bank account, maybe they will be of assistance. 

The Skylight ONE Card offers major benefits to companies and employees. It is a practical method for companies to pay workers’ salaries and wages. I hope you found this post helpful. 

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