Can you transfer money from a visa gift card to PayPal

Can you transfer money from a visa gift card to PayPal – Here’s all about it

A gift card is a payment method used to purchase at particular retailers, eateries, petrol stations, and other establishments. Before using these cards, money must be placed into them, and some of them let you move your balance to online storage services. 

Although certain expenses are associated with buying them, credit cards may typically be reloaded without cost. Most are worthless once the money runs out, while some are reloadable.

So, keep reading to learn how to transfer a Visa Gift Card’s balance to PayPal.

Can you transfer money from a visa gift card to PayPal

Yes, you can transfer money from a visa gift card to PayPal within a few clicks. You just have to link your card in PayPal and then add money by filling the amount you want to transfer.

Basically, Connect the gift card directly to your PayPal account and use that money to pay for any transactions. However, you are still able to add funds from your VISA gift card to your PayPal balance. But you’ll have to pay for it.

How to get gift cards?

Gift cards are available for purchase offline and online, and they often come in various amounts. In a real store, you may purchase them with cash, and you can even use your credit or debit card to complete the deal.

You may mail these cards to someone else for them to use because they are electronically loaded with the desired amount. Additionally, buying these cards online is quite simple and quick. You can get a physical or electronic card depending on your demands.

How to Transfer Money from VISA Gift Card to PayPal

You may send money from one person to another via the platform known as PayPal. Additionally, you may add a Visa Gift Card balance to your PayPal account so that you can use it for various purchases.

In order for the funds to be put into the balance, you can link the gift card to your PayPal account. The joining procedure is simple; just take these actions:

  • Either on the website or the app, log in to PayPal.
  • Navigate to the PayPal Wallet area.
  • Find the “Link a debit or credit card” option.
  • Go to “Link a card manually” and click.
  • Type in the card details.
  • Choosing “Link Card.”

You can add the money to your PayPal account once the card has been properly connected. Select “add money to your account” and “gift card” as the payment method. Any PayPal transaction you make can be funded using this sum.

Can a Visa gift card be loaded with PayPal?

Some gift cards allow reloading using PayPal, and PayPal may be used to buy gift cards. The Visa card must, however, be able to be reloaded via PayPal, a bank account, or at a physical branch with cash.

In the same way, you may rapidly transfer money to a bank account, you can also do so with a debit card. In these circumstances, you can follow the same steps as when you transfer money to a bank account, but you must choose an appropriate Visa card in its place.

Can You Send Money as a Gift on PayPal?

For any significant events or celebrations, it makes a useful gift. Sending a gift of money follows the following procedure:

  • Select “Send & Request.”
  • Hit “Send” 
  • Put the figure in.
  • Type the name, email address, or phone number of the recipient.
  • Select “Next.”
  • Next to “Paying for an item or service,” click “Change.”
  • Press the “present” button.
  • Select a card’s topic and type a greeting or personal remark.
  • Select “Next.”
  • To confirm the transaction, click “Continue.”


Do VISA gift cards work abroad?

Gift cards from VISA may often be used internationally. You can only use a gift card domestically if it states so on the front, such as “Valid only in the USA.”

Can I reload a VISA gift card?

Gift cards for VISA cannot be reloaded. There is no way to add more money to top off the balance. A VISA prepaid card that may be filled forever is available for purchase.

What can I do if my VISA card is stolen or lost?

Call the number provided on the card issuer’s website or in the card paperwork if your VISA gift card has been lost or stolen. You will need to supply the card number to get it canceled or replaced. The easiest approach to report a lost or stolen card is to register it online as soon as you receive it.


PayPal is a pioneer in secure online transactions, prioritizing speed and security over all other considerations. Although PayPal has experienced significant growth and development, the corporation is constantly seeking to enact guidelines and standards that will enable it to better meet the demands of both businesses and common consumers. 

You may transfer the remaining value on your Visa gift card to your PayPal account quickly and with no effort.

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